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An Odyssey
A vehicle for the collaborative design and implementation of a free world.
Welcome to


The prototype for a community-owned media agency.

A Ssussdriad Project

An Expedition
Ssussdriad is a living framework for communities to become self-sufficient, a blueprint for soveriengty and self-organization which can be replicated or adjusted according to a community's needs.

This plan introduces a strategy for community sense-making, for organizing around, and addressing the many facets of our collapsing civilization, in order to collectively plan and build a collaborative, equitable, joyful, and free world. And a mechanism for funding such pursuits, while stimulating and opening the economy for all.

Support at all levels energizes research and development in food, education, energy, economy, communication, entertainment, news, governance, defense, and community support.

Finding Hanford is one of several keystone elements of this expedition.
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Coming Soon

A Fun And Easy Way To Support Local Businesses, While Staying Informed About Community News, Events, and Entertainment.


A simple, fun way to support local shops from the comfort of home. We'll make it fun to search, filter, purchase, and review the goods small town Hanford has to offer.


Community-organizers are invited to submit their events, so you'll never "Wish I would've known!" again!


Covering politics and happenings in Hanford and the surrounding area. Transparent, and community-sourced.


Intimate looks at the businesses, their owners, our musicians and artists, politicians, people, as well as the problems we face, and solutions available. Together we'll discover who we are, and who we can be.


Podcasts, live streams, news, events, music, home shopping, GAMESHOWS, neighborhood updates and more. Exploring Hanford's past and present, and scouting its future. Re-imagining entertainment.


Where Hanford will organize around the realities of our collapsing civilization, in order to understand and plan for the challenges we face.
The forums will be a mechanism for community sense-making, and for influencing the larger expedition.
Community Owned

Media company

Finding Hanford will represent an innovation in media and advertising. When we complete prototyping, we will open up to community investment, allowing locals the opportunity to buy shares, and see returns as we expand into regional media.

We will use a native advertising model to celebrate and grow local business, and tell the story of Finding Hanford in new and creative ways.

At the bookstore we'll host and stream local spins on famous gameshows, home-shopping, concerts, workshops, pitch events and more. The monthly Art Hop will be returning, in-person and as a multi-camera live reality show, with interviews and mini-docs interwoven.

This will quickly grow to shows like junkyard wars, and ninja warrior, tactical challenges, escape rooms, and updates from the Neighborhood Utopias Initiative.

We'll document Hanford's Odyssey as we organize ourselves, and chart a path to a better world.

Neighborhood Utopias Initiative

The neighborhood Utopias Initiative will organize simultaneous to the larger Ssussdriad expedition. Willing neighborhoods will come together to pool resources and knowledge, and move toward shared prosperity.

Finding Hanford will support active neighborhoods in several ways:
-Facilitate networking from neighborhood to regional levels
-Assist in documenting the journey
-Listen and respond to neighborhood feedback
-Facilitate friendly competition between neighborhoods in the form of games, eventually awarding discounts, concert tickets, etc.
-Provide requested trainings, like soil microscopy, dog training, defense.
-Attract requested podcast guests
-Seek partnerships that serve neighborhoods, like discounts on seeds or firearms.

Someday neighborhoods will send in their own video updates, and we will broadcast a reality show made up of neighborhood submissions. I plan to start something similar soon with notable projects around the world.

Join the

Until the forums open, the Ssussdriad Telegram channel will be the primary conversation point.

It's here we will begin to collectively assess the global situation and strategize Hanford's actions moving forward.

Please familiarize yourself with nonviolent communication, and the Trivium. Links are in the Star Chart > Guidestones.

Act with dignity. We are creating the environment our children inherit. We are setting the tone for the future.

news & articles

In addition to articles written by the Finding Hanford team (when it forms)... news tips, and story submissions will eventually come through the discussion forums. I expect they will go through a filtering process, and if they meet community-defined standards, they will be posted here.

We will be brainstorming in the forums on a payment mechanism for published submissions, as well as for those contributing to the filtering process.

Someday we will have a mechanism for payments simply for engaging with various aspects of the expedition, like watching and voting on gameshows.

In the meantime, I'm looking for folks to help me gather and publish local news. Until the forums are opened, please post news tips in the @Ssussdriad Telegram chat. If you'd like to submit an article, tag me in the chat.


I am looking for a local talented web dev to make sure this site is secure before inviting businesses to upload and sell their products. Once done, small shops will have the option to sell their wares through Finding Hanford.

I'm really looking forward to the home shopping show.


Finding Hanford will broadcast from
301 North Douty St.
The bookstore will be a refuge from the storm.
A place to celebrate wins, and commiserate losses.
A place from which to move the world,
and party along the way.

The Launch Fund.

I am raising money for this expedition through an Open Collective page, and associated GOFUNDME.

Finances will be transparent via Open Collective, and there will be frequent conversations regarding the allocation of funds. This is the launching mechanism for this expedition.


Prototyping the Plan
I am trying to raise $30,000 to get this project moving.

Finances will be transparent, and there will be frequent conversations with the community regarding the allocation of funds.

This is the fund for initializing this endeavor.

Rent on the building for 5 months
Turning on Electricity
help cleaning the insane amount of sheet-rock dust
Seed funding for some initial revenue generation.